Stefan Horne

Hello there,

My name is Stefan–you can call me Stef. I hail from southern-most Africa originally, but you could say I'm a bit of a nomad.

I've lived all over the place, beginning my journey in Cape Town with a jog to Johannesburg–settling for a couple of years–before a massive leap to Lagos, Nigeria–where we lingered for a time–before another massive and thus far final migration to Isles British back in 2012. I've since lived in Bournemouth, Oxford, Maidenhead, and Henley-on-Thames, but presently my backside is firmly planted in Beaconsfield, where I'm occupied as a Senior Engineer at the LEGO Group.

My life has been a series of transformations. I've been around and up and down; ebbed and flowed, and to-and-fro'd, but crucially, through constant movement I've developed a strong sense of adaptability. I like to move–in spaces physical and figurative–and in a world that's changing constantly this has been indispensable.

I love to challenge myself and I'm not afraid to lean into problems. I love to share lessons, and it's my strong belief that few things are accomplished by a single individual.