Stefan Horne
(get a load of discount Justin Bieber over here--yes, that is a cheap wig btw)

Hello there,

My name is Stefan–you can call me Stef. I hail from southern-most Africa originally, but you could say I'm a bit of a nomad.

I've lived all over the place, starting in Cape Town with a dive towards Durban, followed by a jog to Johannesburg–settling for a couple of years–before a massive leap to Lagos, Nigeria–where we lingered for a time–before another massive and thus far final migration to Isles British back in 2012. I've since lived in Bournemouth and Oxford, but presently my backside is firmly planted in Maidenhead, where I'm occupied as a full-stack web-developer at Virgin Experience Days.

My life has been a series of transformations. I've been around and up and down; ebbed and flowed, and to'd and fro'd; but crucially, through constant movement I've developed a strong sense of adaptability. I like to move, not just physically but conceptually, and in a world that is constantly and increasingly changing around us this has proven to be indispensable. I love to learn, and I'm not afraid to lean into problems. I share lessons with others, and I diligently seek out criticism, knowing full well that few things in life are accomplished by individuals alone.